Frequently Asked Questions

Charleston Table Tennis Club

B League Tournament Winners
Left, John Hage; Right David Lawrence

Is there a membership fee for the CTTC?
Dues and fees are determined yearly but have remained the same for several years:
Adults $25.00
Students $12.50
Nightly fee for visitors $2.00

How often does the CTTC meet?
The season begins the lst Monday after Labor Day and continues through April. The Club does not meet on Mondays that fall on State/Federal holidays.

Charleston Table Tennis Club

Champion, Gretchen Watson (L)
Runner - Up, Gary Beihl (R)

Are children allowed to play?
The Club is basically for adults who have fairly well-developed skills and who have the potential and commitment to improve to more accomplished levels. With limited time for using the gym, there is no time for teaching children. However, at the discretion of the Club officers, particularly talented young boys and girls could be invited to participate.

Does the Club sell equipment or supplies?
Yes, a limited amount of blades, various rubber and supplies is available. Prices are better than most retail or mail order prices. Some items can be ordered through Club contacts at better that retail prices. Any profits go back into the Club for operating expenses. Occasionally, a table is available when the Club purchases a new one.

Charleston Table Tennis Club

CTTC's B League